This screen is accessed on the Invite tab. From this screen you can share your experience with the Home Food Storage app with others, including sending us your feedback.

Invite and Share Experience screen


App Store Review – Switch to the App Store app where you can write a review.

Share – Connect to the Home Food Storage App‘s page and share your experience on Facebook.

Email (Others) – Send an email to one or more of your friends telling them just want you think of the app.

Twitter – Tweet something about us.

Email (Feedback) – Send us an email with your comments about the app.


Everything Explained

We want to make it easy for you to tell others about how Home Food Storage makes it easy for you to track and organize food storage.

Use email, Facebook, Twitter or the App Store to share your experience.

App Store

Writing a review will switch you to Home Food Storage entry in the App Store, where you can press the Write Review button.


You need to have an email account configured on your device to be able to send us an email (yes, really! 🙂 ).


They require you to allow access to Home Food Storage to post on your timeline. We do not collect or access any of your Facebook profile at all. (Not even your username!)


Twitter is only available on iOS 5 and later.

Note: Sharing on Facebook or Twitter will require you to have their services setup/activated on your iOS device.