Settings, iPhone

Settings screen

This screen is accessed by pressing theĀ Edit button on the Home screen, and then pressing the arrow next to the Persons counts.


  1. Persons – Tap the plus and minus icons to adjust the count for Adult or Child.
  2. Locations – Tap this row to view and change the item locations that are available.
  3. Barcodes – Enable or disable sending needed product information for items with barcodes.
  4. Update text – Tap this to change the text for groups, types and other units (weights, volume, etc) to the language shown.

Everything Explained



The numbers for Adults and Children are multiplied with the planning time and need for each type. This provides an aggregate Planning Need based on different foods, liquids, etc.

For example, if the type Flour has a Planned Need of 37lbs/yr per Adult and 18lbs/yr per Child, the total for a 6 month period with 3 Adults and 2 Children, would be: (37 * 3 + 18 * 2) / 2 = 73.5 lbs of Flour.


Locations are the storage areas where you intend to track your food, supplies, etc.


If you enable this setting, product information (name, brand, weight, etc) for items that have their barcode scanned will be uploaded and shared with other Home Food Storage users. Non-product information (prices, locations, etc) are not sent. Keeping this enabled improves the quality of item information for all users.


While the Home Food Storage app is available in several languages already, we often add new ones. This button provides a way for you to change the data stored from one language to your currently active language.

This update will affect all known categories, groups and types, as well as text for units (weight, etc) and time. It will not update any item-specific information, and will not change units to or from metric/non-metric.

Pressing this button will have little or no effect if the language isn’t different than the one being used.

Customize For You

  1. Adjust the Adult/Child counts by using the plus and minus icons.
  2. Add and remove Locations relating to areas you plan to track for your storage.
  3. Choose to send (or not send) information for scanned items.