Search and Scan

This screen is accessed on the Search tab.

Search and Scan

Search and Scan


 Scan Barcode – Use the camera to scan the barcode on an item.

Add Item iconAdd Item – Tap this to add a new item without using the barcode scanner.

information iconInformation – Tap this to bring up tips on how to best scan barcodes.

Search field Search – Enter text or a barcode number to search your item list. If you don’t have the barcode number attached to an item, it will search the Home Food Storage server for a matching item.

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Search and Scan

When you go to this screen, the camera is automatically activated (if available; otherwise the search field becomes active). Hold the item so that the barcode fills with width of the green box. A beep will sound once a barcode is detected. (It can detect the barcodes both horizontally and vertically.)

If you select the search field, you can enter text (or a barcode number) to search your local item list (or lookup a barcode online if needed).


  • Finds Your Item(s)

If you find one or more items (either by text or barcode), it will show the results in place of the camera image. Tap on a row to bring up that item’s information, or use the plus/minus icons to make any quantity adjustments. Swipe left or right (depending on your iOS version) on an item and press the Delete that appears to delete that item. (We generally recommend setting quantity to zero, rather than deleting, if you will be tracking that item in the future.)

Search Results

Item search results

  • Finds Known Barcode

Scanning or entering a barcode number that is not found in your items, but is available from the server, will produce search results that allow you to easily add the item. Tap on the row and you will enter the Add Item screen with the available product information.

Search - Online result

  • Finds Unknown Barcode

If the item is not found locally and is unknown on the server, the results will display as:

Search Item - Unknown

Tap to add this as a new item – the barcode number will automatically be assigned to it. If you have chosen to Send Needed for barcode items, the relevant product information will be uploaded to our servers when you save the item. After that it can be made available to other users.