Lists and Reports

This screen is accessed on the Lists tab.

Lists and Reports screen

Lists and Reports screen


List or Report – Tap a row to look at the list / report.

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Lists and Reports

From this screen you can access lists of items based on different attributes. A brief description of the report is shown below the report’s name.

When you select a report, the list of items are presented, from which items can be updated. The item are generally listed in alphabetical order. A list will be refreshed if you change from and return to the Lists tab.

Report Details

Some the available reports are briefly explained below.


All items in the database.

“Shopping List”

Items that have a non-zero Buy quantity.

Below Goal

Items where the Quantity is less than the Goal. Items without a goal quantity are not included.

Expiring Soon

Items where the Expiration Date is past, or within 30 days. Items without an expiration date are not included.

“Needing Location”

Items where the Location is not set. If you track items by location, this will help you maintain accuracy.

Needing Weight/Volume

Items that don’t have a Volume or Weight measurement set. Adding this information will make group weight/volume totals more accurate.

Not Recently Updated

Items which have not been updated in the last 90 days. You may want to review these items and ensure that the quantities are accurate.