Item List

Item List

Each type contains a list of items.


  1. Item – Tap an item to view or edit it.
  2. – Add a new item within the current type.
  3.  – Adjust the inventory/stored quantity.
  4.  – Adjust the Buy quantity.

Everything Explained

This item list shows all the items in your inventory that are associated with the current type. From here, you can quickly adjust quantities for both inventory and shopping (Buy). If you have configured Quantity Sets, you can also adjust those quantities individually.

Each item shows the name, brand and total (with goal) item weight, followed by the stored quantity (with goal), location, expiration date and lastly, the Buy quantity.

If an item has a Use Rate set, it will show the estimated time before the item is completely used above the item weight.

If an item has a quantity goal set, the quantity goal will be after the quantity (e.g. “of 3” jars) and the goal weight be after the item weight (e.g. “of 3” lbs).

Green text indicates that the goal is met (including having no goal), or that an expiration date is not soon.

Orange text indicates that an item’s total weight is below goal, or than an item will reach its expiration date soon (about 1 month).

Red text indicates that an expiration date is very soon (1 day) or has passed.