Home Screen

Home Food Storage - Home screen

Home Screen

The first screen in the app shows the Home tab. This screen gives an view of your overall preparedness, as well as summaries of each category. Other tabs provide access to other functionality, as follows:


  • Home (this tab) – Browse categories and access settings and sync options.
  • Search – Scan barcodes or search using text.
  • Lists – Access pre-defined lists such as the Shopping List and items Expiring Soon.
  • Resources – Download (and access offline) documents relating emergency preparedness, provident living and food storage.
  • Invite – Share your feedback via an email, or tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email about the app.


  1. Category – Tap the category row to view the groups that it contains. 
  2. Sync – (Top-left arrows) This will take you to the Backup and Transfer screen.
  3. Edit – This will allow you to access the Settings screen and the Category settings. Press settings iconon the appropriate row.

Everything Explained


This shows the number of adults and children that you have set on the Settings screen.

Overall Preparedness Goal

This is a total percentage based on the total of the three categories below.


On the first line is the category name. The time goal for that category is shown on the right (in gray).

Food Storage Category

Category Summary

Each category summarizes information from the groups it contains. It first shows the number of groups, followed by two figures: actual and goal. Firstly, the actual amount is an aggregate of the items entered; secondly, the goal is calculated according to the number of persons, the planned need for each type of person (adult/child) and type of food, and the storage goal time.

The summary lines are separated by the types of items represented. Weight-based amounts are shown on a separate line to volume-based amounts.

Note that the three top-level categories of Food, Liquids and Other are pre-defined and cannot be renamed or deleted.

Customize For You

  1. If needed, press Edit and set the number of persons to plan for by pressing the arrow that appears next to the Adult/Child counts.
  2. If desired, change the goal (time) that you want to have for each category. This goal will be the default goal for all groups (and types below that) which do not have their own goal set. This is done by pressing Edit followed by the arrow that appears next to the category.