Backup and Transfer

This screen is accessed by using the Sync Sync button button on the Home screen.transfer-backup-screen


sync_arrow_rightCopy to other device – Tap this to go to the Send Database screen.

sync_arrow_leftReceive from other device – Tap this to go to the Receive Database screen.

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Database Transfer

This allows you to transfer all your local Home Food Storage data to another iOS device running a compatible version of the app. Devices must be on the same local network, so they can discover each other for the transfer.

Select either Send Database or Receive Database.

Do not ignore any warnings shown, and be sure to select the correct option! (You will very much regret overwriting your database with one that is blank!)
For example,transfer-backup-receive-warning

Follow the steps below on each device to copy the data.

Sending Device

Aim: Copy the device’s local data to another device.

Note: This does not remove any items from this device.

Receiving Device

Aim: Overwrite the device’s local data with data from another device.

Action:sync_arrow_rightCopy to other device

Send Database screen

Action:sync_arrow_leftReceive from other device

Receive Database screen

Waits for the Receiver to Request Database. When both devices are on the screens above and on the same network, the Receiver will see:

Receiver - Request DatabaseThis shows the Sender’s device name, number of items, app version and database language.

Action: Request Database

Tells the Sender you want to receive a copy of their database.

After the Receiver has selected Request Database:Send - Send DatabaseThis shows the Receiver’s device name and app version.

Action: Send Database

Initiates the database copy.

Waits for the Sender to initiate the transfer by choosing Send Database.Receiver - Waiting to Receive
The transfer is complete. The transfer is complete and the screen returns to the Home screen.